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Our Home Inspections

The Inspection Boys is an impartial and objective company that’s working for you, and committed to deliver and honest and authentic evaluation of your property. We at the Inspection Boys believe that a home inspection is much more than a 3 hour inspection job. Our inspectors undergo through background checks and constantly meet ongoing training and performance standards.

The Inspection boys will inspect your home, examine hundreds of structural and physical components, and deliver a comprehensive inspection report outlining existing flaws and potential complications. We at the Inspection Boys exceed state licensing requirements and industry standards. We want to get your business and we will bend over backwards to ensure that we have earned your trust.


home-open-viewWe at the Inspection Boys understand that purchasing a house is probably one of the biggest investments you will ever make, we also recognize the butterflies you experience when you’re about to close on your dream home. We can imagine the excitement, anxious, tense and nervous combination of feelings you sense, and the reassurance you need to certify that the house you’re about to convert into your home is a solid one and is just as healthy on the inside as on the outside.

An Inspection done with us, will do just that. We will inspect every detail of the property and give you a comprehensive report, so you understand the ins and outs of the home you’re about to buy. The house might look perfect on the outside, while the inside is all broken-down, faulty and damaged.

With an Inspection Boys examination, you will achieve peace of mind, knowing that every little detail was inspected and you know everything that is to know about your home.