agentMost home buyers buy their new house through a Real Estate agent, and put a lot of trust in their agent to advise them, guide them and direct them to the property that will be the place they will settle down with their family. The Agent has one objective in mind to help the buyer throughout the entire process that everything should go smoothly.

Understandingly, the buyer has a hundred questions, a thousand worries and tons of heart palpitations wondering if he/she is making the right purchase.

When the buyer finally decided this is the house he is buying, he is still nervous and needs assurance that he is spending his largest financial transaction on a good property. Nothing calms him down more than receiving a professional written report, conforming that his purchase is a good one!

When our home inspector comes down to the property, we will communicate with the buyer and explain to him everything we do and create a relaxing environment for the buyer that his purchase has been reviewed, inspected, examined and it’s ready to close.

The Inspection Boys prides itself on many things, but we put special emphasis on communication with clients when there is an agent involved. The days leading up to a closing is usually a stressful time for all involved, the agent wants to close, the buyer wants to double check once again and everyone has different anxieties in those final moments, where one word can delay or derail the entire deal.

Our inspectors are trained in written and verbal communications and understand the importance of doing the right thing, saying the right thing and respecting all mutual parties involved. Besides for being trained through The National Institute of Building Inspectors®  – NIBI® – and being insured with the proper liability insurance, they are also trained by our corporate team to understand what we expect from them every single day when they go out to do inspections.

Our motto is “We Inspect AND Respect Your Home”, and WE MEAN IT!