Why “Home Inspections”?

The simple answer for this is 3 words. Demand, Demand and Demand! In 2016 there were approximately 6 MILLION HOME SALES and roughly 5 MILLION HOME INSPECTIONS, which adds up to a roaring ratio of close to 85% of all the real estate transactions.

But it’s much more than that. Besides for the great demand of home inspections, it’s simply one of the fastest and most affordable methods to develop a rock-solid business in a thriving industry that will consistently provide you with a steady income.

In addition, it will give you the freedom to work from the comfort of your home with a low overhead and a potential to build a real business without giving up a quality lifestyle.


Why “The Inspection Boys”?

The humble answer for this is one word. Corporate!

We have developed a system that will make life easy for you. Everyone can do home inspections and anyone can hire home inspectors, but a successful home inspection business is much more than that. It’s all about the connections and relationships you will develop with home owners, real estate agents, etc. that separates a successful and profitable business or a “pushing-Through” kind of a company.

We at the top will bend over backwards to market YOUR territory, develop  connections for YOUR clients, support and offer ideas to affiliate you with real estate agents and other professionals in YOUR area and help you achieve strong alliances with bankers, agents and potential long-term clients.

And of course it does not hurt that we’re a home inspection franchise company that has the lowest start-up cost, lowest royalty program and lowest advertising fund in the industry, yet another reason to join a company that will treat you like a partner, working together on growing YOUR territory and not just a franchisee trying to drain all your profits.


What’s the Cost to get me started?

The Inspection Boys is the Most Inexpensive and reasonable Franchise Opportunity in the Home Inspection Arena.

When you join The Inspection Boys we will review all your financial and funding options to ensure that you have a solid foundation for your new business and you’re on the road to succeed! The Franchise fee is $17,500 (the lowest in the Home Inspection trade) and it is for an area of approximately 600,000 people and 160,000 home owners (Again, the largest territory size in the trade)

Our goal is to ensure that you’re not only “pushing thru” or “getting by”, we want to see you make it big! We want you to have a good territory size, a potential for a very successful and profitable venture.

The diagram will provide you with an estimate of the initial expenses you will incur in the launching of your franchise.


How much $$ will I earn?

As the old saying goes “Garbage In – Garbage Out” which translates into the harder you work – the sweeter the results!

One of the reasons you’re buying a franchise in the first place, is to be your own boss, to be financially happy and to develop your work ethics for yourself instead of wasting it on another boss that will benefit from your hard work. So it all comes down to the commitment and effort you’re going to implement in your local territory and that will be the deciding factor in shaping your success.


Join The Inspection Boys and receive a 1 year InterNACHI Full-Access membership ($500 value)

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Reach out to us today, tell us a bit about yourself and take the first step in-route to financial freedom!